Analysis: A Timeshare Honeymoon

A Timeshare Honeymoon- Sharing the Finest Things Together

November 1, 2012, I was married to Philip Martinez, my dear hubby. Wedding, the most anticipated day of my life made me feel special, gave me the aura to become the ladylove of Philip.
I spend months to make my wedding look “Perfect”. I scripted invitations painstakingly, poured over color swatches, and devoured desserts samples to ensure that everything looked unique and extraordinary.
My friends whispered that pre-marriage plans are just half the fun it completes with honeymoon, a much need break. A relief from the month long hustle-bustle is precious that’s why I thought to plan a stress-free and economical honeymoon. Nevertheless, Philip is more financially savvy than I am, so
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However, he just surprised me on our First Wedding Anniversary with a timeshare holiday to Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas.
I was mesmerized, but soon the thought of mortgage payments capsized my happiness. Philip said, “A luxurious vacation does not mean that it’s out of reach.”The timeshare Philip bought in Coast Villas is budget-friendly and not going to compromise with my desire of enjoying an exotic honeymoon.
Well, after spending thousands on our wedding, thinking of a timeshare was like “buying Cartier Jewelry with $1 in hand. “ However, Philip knows I am a perfectionist, so he tried to make everything perfect and buying a Mariott Timeshare was “cherry on the icing. “ However, I was bothering about the charges, but Philip said that our timeshare could earn us bucks when we are not going to use it. We can easily put it up for rent in order to offset the maintenance fees.
Saving Hundreds on Timeshare
We do not need to break the bank - this thought made me jump to action. I started packing. Timeshares are shared ownership so having a reduction in rates is obvious. One can often buy timeshares for a fraction of cost of a hotel room of similar quality. Timeshares tends to be spacious, better equipped and highly pitched with luxurious
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The Mediterranean style tribute was exotic and made me discover some finest things in this journey. The resort is bordered by the prestigious Pelican Hill Golf Club to the north, an ideal destination for the golf lovers like Philip. To the south lies Crystal Cove State Park, this surpasses all expectations.
The resort was a peaceful shelter in the midst of Californian allure. The striking coastal views and luxuriously appointed vials are the eloquent declarations of distinctive taste. The resort was full of amenities like spa, sauna, pool, bar lounge, hot tubs, beachside sports, Boat Mariana, scuba diving I have spent these 7 days exactly in the way I have thought.
Philip planned up something more to make the wedding anniversary and the honeymoon ‘perfect’. A candlelight dinner in the beachside restaurant, later taking a sip of champagne.Then he took me for a moon bath towards the beach where the bonfire was perfectly set up to cherish some cozy moments in the

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