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A Grittier Tomorrow “Just Do It”, the Nike logo that is famously known for motivating large numbers into taking action and staying fit. Many can agree that this simple marketing method has worked and has built confidence within individuals who could not see themselves reaching their long term goals of any sort. What an even more brilliant idea it would be if the American Educational Research Association (AERA) would also create simple, efficient, and fresh methods for schools to implement on student bodies of all ages to stay motivated about their education. A ripple of consequences are rising, such as, students are settling for less in their education, an increase in dropouts, extreme parenting has become an option, and teachers are conforming…show more content…
In the article, Five Steps to Partner With Students in Learning, verbatim a simple and systematic method for a teaching figure to educate and encourage students. Many studies and tests say that encouragement, such as, “You are going to do great” or “Don’t give up” have made a student respond in a more efficient and positive aspect. The idea of creating a motivational bridge between the educator and learner could also be a tool parents could use to see progress in a child’s academic and behavioral spectrum. A person’s map towards success grows and lasts for a longer period of time when there is a motivational, empowering constant, feeding them hope. Angela Lee Duckworth repeatedly says to us through live inspirational conferences “we have to be willing to fail…we need to be gritty about getting our kids grittier” (Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit. TEDTalks). When grit is transmitted to a student directly from a coach, parent, or teacher, dashing results have been proven and the learner’s persona begins to comprehend strengths that had never been reached in the…show more content…
AERA’s mission to advance knowledge about education perhaps benefits the public in acknowledging that there is a problem but the promotion of building grit in grades k-12 would benefit variety of educational spectrums across the board. According to Duckworth, there is still hope in expanding grit in a student by introducing the idea developed by Stanford University called growth mindset. A conviction in oneself to switch from one learning style to a different one just by delivering extra effort. By adapting to new methods of education in schools, students would be able to adapt to the idea of getting back up after they have

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