Analysis: 7 Awesome Options When You Need Cash

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7 Awesome Options when You Need Cash Now - Without Borrowing! 7 Awesome Options when You Need Cash Now - Without Borrowing! You don 't always need to borrow money to cover emergency expenses. When people need cash now--regardless of why--many turn to payday loans, credit cards, auto title loans, second mortgages and banking loan products, but each of these fixes increases your total indebtedness and could trigger a downward spiral of debt. Taking on more debts than you can afford is the quickest way to get into even more financial trouble and leave you to deal with fallout from predatory lenders, high interest rates, aggressive collection practices and damage to your credit rating when you can 't pay all your bills. Wrecked credit can result…show more content…
Having cash flow problems is a common problem that affects even people who earn high incomes because they usually carry more debt. The statistics for cash flow in average American families are abysmal. According to an article posted at, 56 percent of Americans don 't have more than $1,000 in combined checking and savings accounts. About 38 percent of consumers maintain some credit card debt by failing to pay their full balances each month. Borrowing money should be a last resort after considering the many other ways you can raise money. Seven of the best include the following…show more content…
Each of these options is a great way to earn extra money when you need cash now to survive the holidays, pay off credit cards, build a nest egg or provide a cushion for easier living. You can get money when you need cash now by doing odd jobs in the neighborhood, running a landscaping business or working over the Internet in your spare time. There are writing jobs, companies that pay for photographs, online teaching jobs where you can share skills and other options to earn money just by completing a few tasks according to a report at

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