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D.H. Lawrence’s statement that, “If there weren’t so many lies, I wouldn’t write at all,” reveals that he wrote his exposés to show what happens behind closed doors. On the outside, everything can appear to be perfect – society’s version of perfect. Due to the time period in which Lawrence wrote, many English people behaved properly and thought it to be taboo to discuss topics such as sex, gambling, and the need for more money. However, Lawrence was not afraid to tackle these subjects that early 20th century England was afraid to even acknowledge out loud. In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” a young boy, Paul, feels compelled to prove his luck to his mother, Hester. He does so by gambling and winning money. Paul then gives this money to his mother in the spirit of generosity, but, instead of spending it on the necessities that the family really needs, she selfishly continues to buy stylish things to keep up her front in society. Paul loses his lucky streak for a while after giving the money to his mother and must, as always, continue to ride his childhood rocking-horse in order to get hi...

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