Analysing the Death Penalty

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The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues we have in our country today. The people are divided between supporting and opposing the death penalty. The supporters would say that it is a deterrent for future crimes. They would also say that taxpayer dollars are not going to pay for the care of these individuals. The opposition would say that the cost of the death penalty is actually higher than the cost of a life sentence. They also find that the deterrent argument is debatable. (meggiem, 2012) There is evidence that contradicts the supporters’ claims.
First, there is evidence that suggests that the death penalty costs more than a life sentence. Take a look at what goes into the death penalty for the state of California. Death penalty trials take on average about two years, starting from arraignment to verdict. (Magagnini, 1988) The cost of a death penalty trial is around $592,500. That is almost six times more than that of a murder trial, which is $93,000.(Magagnini, 1988) Death penalty trials cost around $7,500 per day for 79 days on average. Standard murder cases cost around $6,200 per day and last around 15 days on average. (Magagnini, 1988) Also, that’s state spends around $2.8 million for death row inmates’ special housing. $1.8 million for prosecution on appeal, and $7.6 million defending condemned prisoners on appeal. Overall, it costs about $90 million a year for the death penalty. (Magagnini, 1988) Also there are the federal costs, on average it is 1,000 hours of attorney time which translates to about $75,000 from the taxpayers. (Magagnini, 1988)
Another argument the supporters like to throw around is that the death penalty is a deterrent for future crimes. Well, there is evidence to contradict that. The D...

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