Analysing Clemson University

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Clemson University is a well-known university, located in South Carolina. It is ranked in the top twenty five public universities. There are many famous alumni including United States Senator, John Edwards. Clemson University is the school for you if you strive for academic excellence, great opportunities, and a happy college life.
The school was founded in 1893 by Anna Maria Calhoun and Thomas Clemson. It was originally an agricultural college and an all-male military school. It was only in 1955 when it became coeducational. In 1964, Clemson’s academic offerings were expanded and the school was renamed to Clemson University. The honors college is named The Calhoun Honors College after Anna Maria Calhoun. She was Thomas Clemson’s wife. She carried out the wish of her husband to turn their land into a school after he passed.
Clemson is ranked number twelve in having the happiest students out of the entire United States of America (confidential). There are many options for residence including coed dorms, all-women dorms, all-male dorms, fraternities, sororities, and an honor student hall. All students must live on campus their freshman year. Greek life is huge at Clemson University. There are 23 fraternities and 13 sororities located on and off campus. Being in a sorority or fraternity teaches great life lessons, helps with school involvement, and can give many career opportunities and connections.
The atmosphere at Clemson that sports provide is phenomenal. A way of bonding is through intramural sports. Clemson is ranked number one in having the highest amount of the student body playing intramural sports. There are over forty intramural sports to choose from including flag football, sand volleyball, cornhole, and kickball. Cle...

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... is an honors college called the Calhoun Honors College. It is selective and a great honor. Not to mention it has a great reputation. To be accepted into the Calhoun Honors College, one must have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.50 or above. This is a great goal, especially because being accepted highers ones chances for being selected to study abroad. The college sends two students each year to study abroad at Oxford University for free.
Clemson University is proud to be ranked in the top 25 public universities and is proud of its students. The rigorous, competitive academic programme is well known throughout the United States and rewards great. The students can select from 110 graduate degree and 80 undergraduate degree programs. Main attractions to Clemson University are a happy environment and the great opportunities to research and study across the world.