Analasys of Russian Fairy Tales

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Fairy tales, as we call them in english are stories we read to small children. This title however, is actually quite misleading. While some of the stories do, in fact have fairies in them, many of them revolve around the doings of giants, ogres, imps, kings and whatnot, and never even mention a fairy! In Russian fairy tales, however, they are a bit more honest. These Russian stories are divided up into many categories. The word skazka means "story". In russian, they have lshebniyi skazki, or “magical tales,” skazki o zhivotnykh, or “tales about animals,” and bytovye skazki, or “tales of everyday life,” to name only a few of the many categories russian "fairy tales" can be titled under. Given this difference, it comes as no shock that the difference in European and Russian fairy tales is quite great. It is a fact that more Eastern European folklorists tend to make a fairly straight-forward translation of the story, while more Western folklorists tend to change and conform the tale to "better suit their readers." In fairy tales in general, but mainly Russian fairy tales, we ...
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