Anabolic Steroids Use by Athletes

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As society merges from day to day and norms get more in percentage >there >are many things that are corrupting the American society. Of those many >things, there is the word that many people are familiar with and that is the >word "drugs". Many drugs come into the United States and flood each state >and town from North to South. In 1995 Newsweek came out with an estimate >that over 85% of teenagers have used or are using drugs at this present >time. >I am going to discuss one of the most dangerous types of drugs that is used >as a medical advancement as well as a lethal drug to young teens. This drug >is known as "steroids". Steroids is the up and coming drug of the >future[MM2K.1993] At the rate of 2.5% >increase in teenagers using these drugs on a day to day basis. This rate >is going to lead to very high percentage of deaths in the future and as well as in the >present now. There are many things that need to be discussed on the use of >steroids. Many people do not know who are using them, but there are a variety of people such a laywers and business people that use them. This topic >will all be clarified in the upcoming passages. Most of the use of steriods in the young years is related to peer pressure.. This is where the young teenagers lead themselves to death, and do not know it. >They do not know what they are getting themselves into. They only look at >what others are doing and what good things happen to their appereance. Of all >these topics >the real question here is: Is it worth taking steroids and why are so many >people taking them?? >

> Steroids first came into the United States from importation from Europe. Steroids in the past were >used for cattle in the process to make the cattle stronger and heavier. >The heavier >the cattle was the more money the farmer would get per head. As steroids >emerged >into the United States many people were taking the opportunity to get these >drugs very easy to promote dog racing and horse racing. With the use of >steroids these animals can run faster and go farther than any other type of >animal that was not using them. This drug is simply used to out better the >opponent.
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