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2198 words

Catastrophic Steroids Hiding True Talent Anabolic Steroids are an injection to make people have an abnormal amount of hormones which causes them to have muscles similar to Popeye! A lot of people think that by taking anabolic steroids it will help them get ahead. But, in reality all it does is hide their true talent and capabilities as a swimmer to improve. They are stuck at the best they can be because of the steroids and if they ever get found out they will have to start from the bottom learning how to be a good swimmer from level one again. A steroid not only affects the user but it affects coaches, teammates, principal, teachers, relationships and work. You think you are at the top of your game …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that anabolic steroids are an injection to make people have an abnormal amount of hormones which causes them to have muscles similar to popeye!
  • Explains that some people are malnourished and have sleep deprivation while others cheat to get ahead by popping a shot in their arm.
  • Opines that steroid users will eventually get caught if they don't know why they're taking them for a sport. the drug can cause an unbalanced level of enzymes and even death.
  • Explains that anabolic steroids have negative, catastrophic side effects on the liver, which is the main organ in the human body.
  • Explains the negative, bad, catastrophic side effects of using anabolic steroids in females.
  • Opines that a clean healthy drug-free system will have the best athletic performance and will eventually go all the way to possibly olympic or maybe even college level performance.
  • Explains that anabolic androgen steroids are an injection meant to improve performance ability and increase muscle mass to win against opposing players.
  • Concludes that the greatest accomplishment in life is simply living it to the fullest and taking advantage of everything life has to offer.

Therefore, while your teammate is devoting all their time and effort and are motivating everything they have got to swimming because they understand how valuable a scholarship is your cheating. You don’t fully understand the consequences and the future if anyone ever finds you out so you proceed to take steroids and you eventually start having health problems. Because, steroids affects your hormones your emotions will be all out of order and you will have mood swings spontaneously and start having rapid hair growth. According to Estebon these nine women athletes used anabolic steroids including the East German Women Swim team and Chinese women swim …show more content…

Because; in almost every sport you have to go in a locker room and change in front of your peers which would be so speculating degrading. By that much embarrassment alone I would tell anyone to not sue steroids because in the long run it just is plainly not worth having this much humiliation over! In females some of the following are negative, bad, catastrophic side effects to using Anabolic steroids. Here are the side effects: “Amenorrhea, Clitormegaly, Uterine atrophy, breast atrophy, and teratogenicity. “(Smith and Perry 15)Those side effects are so bad and so severe that it would shy anyone I would hope away from any pharmaceutical drug prescribed or not. It’s hard to believe anyone would take an injection of such a fatal drug! Smith and Perry believe, some more minor psychological side effects are: “mood swings, aggressiveness, depression, psychosis, and last but not least addiction the most powerful one!” Those side effects are of course bad but they aren’t as sever as the side effects mentioned in the heart, liver, male and female organs they are just psychological which can hurt but usually heals quickly. There are probably more effects in steroids than any other drug on the universe metaphorically speaking of

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