Anabolic Steroids

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Anabolic Steroids In today’s society, athletes are revered as heroes. There is immense pressure to be the best. Athletes are willing to do whatever it takes to gain an edge, even if it means compromising their health. For almost three decades, athletes have been supplementing their strength program with anabolic steroids to enhance their performance. To be sure, anabolic steroids are effective supplements to strength training programs, but there is no doubt that the consequences can be deleterious. What are Anabolic Steroids and how do they work? Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. Most healthy males produce 2-10 milligrams per day of testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for muscle development, facial hair growth, and deepening of the voice. The hormone produces these results when it is absorbed from the bloodstream by certain types of cells. Molecules of testosterone fit into receptor sites located inside the cells, just as a key fits into a lock. When the receptor site is filled , the cell is activated. There are a certain number of receptor sites in each cell. If only a few them get filled, the cell will respond at a low level. If all of these sites are filled, the cell produces its maximum response ( Anabolic steroids can be injected or consumed in tablet form. Injectable steroids can be divided into two categories, oils and waters. Unlike waters, oils are longer lasting anabolic steroids. They are usually injected directly into a muscle, usually the buttocks, and are released slowly over time. Nandrolone, an injectable steroid, is designed to last for 17 days ( ... middle of paper ... ...s simply not true. Today’s athletes will be suffering the effects of steroid use and wondering if the victory was worth it. Bibliography Celotti, F., Negri Cesi, P. (1992). Anabolic steroids: A review of their effects on the muscles, of their possible mechanisms of action and of their use in athletics. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, 43(5), 469-477. Goldman, B. ( 1984). Death in the Locker Room: Steroids and Sports. Indiana: Icarus Press. Lamb, D.R. (1984). Anabolic steroids in athletics: How well do they work and how dangerous are they? The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 12(1),31-37. Levandowski, R., McInerney, V., Scott, D. (1991). Anabolic Steroids: Performance Enhancers? New Jersey Journal of Medicine, 88(9), 663-664. Wright, J.E. (1980). Anabolic Steroids and Athletics. Exercise Sport Science Review, 8, 149-202.

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