An X-Ray of Morocco

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Environment/ Agriculture 7

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Health 11


Future of Morocco

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Morocco a country that in itself has a rich history that dates back to prehistoric times. An odd land where you can sit in 80 degree temps and have palm trees surrounding you and look up to the mountains tops covered in snow. Where so many have wondered in to discover a part of Africa rich in abundance of unique culture and heritage. Where poets and story tellers have left with a story to tell of a great land to which they have traveled. American Paul Bowles wrote many books set in Morocco, my favorite is The Spiders House, which is set in Fez. There were many famous authors from Morocco itself which gave the outside world an insight to the country. Some famous Moroccans authors include Leila Abouzeid, Barbara Parmenter who wrote the famous book, Year of the Elephant: A Moroccan Woman's Journey Toward Independence. Challenging the way people treated woman and thoughts of woman. Even though this book was fictional it encouraged a forward movement for the rights of Moroccan woman, all by using the power of pen. It caught the attention and eye of many westerners which lead to a revolution of woman’s rights. First published in 1983, ...

... middle of paper ... hard to increase and educate the people in order to pull it ahead and towards a brighter future


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