An Unkindness of Tradition: Shirley Jackson´s Biography

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Many people use literature as an outlet from their personal life, from the struggles and hardships they face day to day. They enjoy the unknown of mystery and the unrealistic; it gives them something to ponder and offers a way to discover an unknown world of imagination. Many authors take the different avenues in their writing. Some stir hope and optimism while others explore a morbid and daunting way of writing. A common form is that of suspense and mystery. Shirley Jackson takes mystery to a distinctive level. She depicts an era that has not yet been revealed. By looking at the background of this author, analyzing her writing and responding personally you will better enhance your learning experience and connection with this type of dark literature.
Author Biography
Shirley Jackson was an extremely well liked American author during the 1900s. However, in recent years literary critics, as well as the education system have increasingly begun to admire her. Many of her works are being read and analyzed by high school students all over the country. Jackson’s life led her to become the accomplished, prized writer, she grew to be.
Shirley Jackson was born on December 14th, 1916 in San Francisco, California. Born to her middle class parents, Leslie and Geraldine Jackson, Shirley had an interesting childhood. As a teenager, her family decided to move to Rochester, New York. This is where Shirley pursued her interest in literature and writing. Even at a young age, she began writing poetry and short stories. She then established her compulsive writing techniques (Grade Saver, 1999). Shirley was notorious for keeping journals, charts, and logs that retained information on the progress she made in her writing every day (Liter...

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...t comprehension, it is important to analyze and view all aspects of the text, this will ensure the education you’re receiving, as well as the personal ties you make while reading.

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