An Reflection Paper On The Advertising Industry

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For this reflection paper I choose to write about the advertising industry. This industry is one that has always interest me because of how it has evolved so quickly over time and how no brand can get too far without advertising even if the product or service they sell is amazing. And over the years I realized that this felid is something I really want to work in and build a career. Advertising as a promotional and communicational tool has been through an incredible journey over the years and now it has become an important part of our modern society. To people the importance of advertising may not be completely apparent, but advertising plays an important role in our society and business, or what influence it has on creating, forming and changing people 's attitude and perceptions about things and events, but over the years advertising has creeped deep into our everyday lives. Advertising has a long history of progress along a very curvy road, but after all the research and analysis I feel that the greatest influence on its present condition is due to the following factors: Radio, television and the Internet. Around 1841 the first advertising agency Volney B. Palmer opened in Philadelphia. Then later by 1861 twenty new advertising agencies opened up in New York City itself, and the numbers have been rising since then. Among those twenty advertising agencies was J. Walter Thompson, which today is the oldest American advertising agency in continuous existence. Radio did not become a commercial medium for advertising till the 1920s, and when this happened advertising could be heard and not just seen in newspapers and other print mediums. This was really huge, as people had never experienced this before. Content like soap operas, m... ... middle of paper ... ...ith Sarah Hofstetter, CEO, 360i, who in an article published by AD age said, “The word "digital" will not be used to describe agencies or channels. Regardless of what emerging technologies come our way, some of the basics of marketing will still prevail -- the need for breakthrough creative, deep insights informed by an innate understanding of people and brands, and a finger on the pulse of culture. Technology will make things easier for sure, but the need for human creativity across the marketing landscape will still play a critical role in tapping into consumer psyche and driving action.” (Advertising age, “Mad men: 2025”) In the end I agree with what Krimstein says. No matter what happens the need for good content will not be replaced, the content may be delivered and managed differently but that will happen every time something new comes along in the industry.

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