An Overview of Terroism

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There are many different forms of terrorism. Lawmakers, security professionals and scholars determine these types. These types differ based on the type of attack agent used or by what the terrorist says that he is protecting. Terrorism is put into groups so that it can be more easily understood and dealt with. One example of terrorism is state terrorism. This is when states use threat of force or force to terrorize citizens to achieve a goal. An example of this is Nazi Germany. Another type of terrorism is bioterrorism. This refers to the deliberate release of dangerous chemical or toxic agents to harm civilians, to advance a political view. A disease that could be used for this purpose is smallpox. Cyberterrorism is also a form of terrorism in which a cyberterrorist uses information and technology to harm civilians and accentuate their cause. This can be done by using a computer to orchestrate a traditional attack or by interfering with major network services. This could lead to financial information being controlled or even the disabling of emergency services. One of the last types of terrorism is narcoterrorism. This term has been used since 1983. It used to mean that drug dealers would control the government or just stop them from stopping their drug deals. Now it has come to mean when terrorists use drug trafficking to fund their cause and their operations.
Very few events in American history can compare to the tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001. Before this event Americans had yet to experience first-hand what terrorism was and only had a limited idea of what it was. Back then people thought terrorism was mostly just a threat to people in the Middle East and in those regions of the world. Also the United States ...

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...ternet. Teenagers can go online and learn how to build bombs, join an organization, fund terrorism, and share information. In a lot of ways the Internet is like an online training camp.
The Internet is a monumental aide to the spreading of terrorism in many ways. In a way, the very nature of the Internet is ideal for the exercise of terrorism. Some examples of how terrorists use the Internet are how easily accessible the Internet is, the fact that there is little to no control, censorship, or other government regulation, there is a potentially massive audience that it can be spread to, the ability to be anonymous when communicating with others, the speed of which information is spread, and lastly the Internet gives terrorist the capacity to shape coverage of traditional mass media, which they are using the Internet as a source for providing stories.

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