An Overview of Snoring

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It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is snoring. He went to bed. Bumped his head And couldn’t get up in the morning. So says the old and well-known Mother Goose nursery rhyme. Maybe it’s just me, but Mother Goose rhymes always seemed to have a sinister side to them. I mean – the old man went to bed and then bumped his head? (And bumped it so hard that he couldn’t get up in the morning?) It seems more likely that his wife had finally had enough of the years of sleepless nights and chose this opportune time to conk him on the noggin with the frying pan she so conveniently brought to bed with her! People who live with someone who snores can relate to this. Living with a snorer or being a snorer yourself can be one of most difficult things to deal with. Most of the time the cause of the snoring is not because of a serious medical problem, but exists because of the way the snorer breathes, the way his or her physical airways are shaped and/or because of the position they sleep in. And yet, snoring can become a very serious issue because it interferes with one of our most basic needs; sleep. It may seem funny, but many divorces and broken engagements can be traced all the way back to snoring issues. When one person in a relationship snores and causes the other partner to suffer the consequences of night after night of poor sleep, it takes a real toll on that relationship. Many couples try to ignore the problem and begin sleeping apart, which leads to more problems. A separation forms in the marriage that becomes harder and harder to bridge. It seems to be even more embarrassing for a woman who snores. Somehow, a woman snoring is seen as being unladylike and many families can be very cruel in making mom, grandma, or sister of but... ... middle of paper ... ...t any snoring is not a very aggravating and damaging habit. It is said that snoring causes family members in hearing range to lose about an hour of total sleep per night. This can really add up and cause the family to suffer the consequences of sleep deprivation. Studies have been done that show that the person sleeping in the same room with a snorer will wake up, even for a few seconds, close to 25 times an hour. There is even a name for this and it is called Spousal Arousal Syndrome. The name makes it sound like it is a good thing, but in actuality couples that have one spouse who suffers from this arousal syndrome actually show a decrease in the closeness of their relationship, which includes sexual activity. Snoring can also get to be so bad that it can be life threatening. In the next chapter we will discuss how to tell the difference and what to do about it.

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