An Ounce of Cure

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An Ounce of Cure

An Ounce of Problems

Problems, we think they all disappear when we try to live life as though they never happen. In the fictional story of “An Ounce of Cure”, her teenage crises of the undying love for her boyfriend was persistent even after she was “dropped”. This mid-teenage problem, to her, was the end of her pre-destined life. Teenagers often exaggerate their tragedies, which result in sometimes life threatening situations. The theme of this story is even though we feel like our whole life has flipped over it will get better and our problems will die out. The narrator in this story expresses her point of view as she lives through this horrible stage in her teenage life. The characters that Alice Munro uses in the story are common and very realistic.

The narrator never gives her name. She is the major character in the story and conveys this in first person. She is considered the reliable character since she is telling of a stage in her own life. I think she in insecure do to her parents already “hoping for a lesser rather than a greater disaster—an elopement, say, with a boy who could never earn his living, rather than an abduction into the White Slave trade.”(451) She has been given this pre-conceived destiny, which also contributes to her instability and by her boyfriend leaving her.

Here in the story the character could be considered a dynamic character. The fact that her drinking and her attempt at suicide are spread throughout the whole town places a cloud of remorse and shame over her. She paid a great deal for her mistakes and learned from them. I think her mom could be considered a static-flat character. Here her daughter is trying to grow up and get a boyfriend, going to high school, and babysitting on the side and her mother still does not want to see her daughter as “gentleman material.” She has this fixed idea that her daughter will marry some person who cant make a living. By the end of the story, the narrator gets over him and goes on with her life, which I’m sure her mother is appalled.
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