An Organization And Its Leaders

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Leadership The purpose of the paper is to identify an educational organization, and its leaders. Focusing on the structure, and the effectiveness of the leadership skills possessed that either hinder or benefit the organization. Understanding one’s personal leadership skills and abilities are important for personal growth, and may determine the successes or failures within an organization. What is an Organization? An organization can vary from small to large, which will also determine the number of leaders required to run effectively. The best approach to understanding an organization and the methodical procedures to function appropriate is to gain clarity of how an organization works. Gaining clarity of how an organization works, is taking a ‘system’ approach, using a ‘closed’ system model to how specifically medium-to-large organizations work within the context of a state, whereas small organizations are laws unto themselves (Randell & Toplis, 2014). There is also, the ‘open’ system approach that explains how many medium-to-large organizations transform their resources into goods, services and job satisfaction (Randell & Toplis, 2014). A diversified organization can determine if progress is favorable or not. Diversity means organizations differ in many ways including, size, ownership, objectives, employees, technologies, structure and the extent to which they subcontract and outsource (Randell & Toplis, 2014). The structure of an organization is based on how well its managed, and who is in control of managing, of which can be deciphered by 3 levels of management. The Levels of Management The levels are title Level A, B and C. The discussion will begin with Level C, consisting of the most influential managers, State Manage... ... middle of paper ... ... entities in determining success or failure within an organization. Leadership and my score on the quiz was not a surprise, as being a leader has been my niche in all facets of life. The areas that I would like to change are the Managing Performance Effectively and Providing Support and Stimulation, by incorporating the ability to keep skills sets active for all employees, as well as setting the right expectations in the beginning without wavering. My strengths from the quiz are the skills of transformational leadership and personality characteristics, proving that I can communicate well with others, motivate them to acquire higher standards, and transform negative productivity into a positive outcome. The success or failures in an organization, are determinants of understanding one’s personal leadership skills and abilities for personal growth.
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