An Opportunity For Innocents In Americ An Opportunity For Innocents

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An Opportunity for Innocents
Illegal or undocumented immigrants are one of the many things that have caused controversy in the United States. They come here pursuing a better life for themselves and their children. These children grow up and, eventually, attend school. By the time college comes around, they cannot proceed to higher education. Primarily, because they are illegal, which means they cannot even apply at any college they want. Secondly, they cannot afford to pay an out-of-state tuition. Because countless are suffering the consequence of their parents’ decisions, their identity and culture are now found here. Through a degree and a future job, they will be able to retribute the initial help that was given to them thus contributing
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According to some points made by the National Conference of State Legislatures, a great percentage of them were brought to this country unable to raise an opinion on the decision their parents were taking due to their short age and innocence (“Undocumented State Tuition: Overview”). Even if they were older, what could they do about the decision their parents had taken? They were stripped out of their roots without knowing because their parents wanted something better for them. Ultimately, the culture and upbringing they have is strongly influenced by American culture. After accomplishing the elementary, secondary, and preparatory levels, many are ready to go on to college, as is customary, but they find themselves unable to because of their situation. Jong-Ming, an undocumented immigrant, grew up in the United States and had always thought himself as an American. “At first when you find…show more content…
If the students who do not have papers to be in this ever-evolving nation have the potential and intelligence to take on a position other students who are legal cannot then there should be no problem with immigrants taking the spot. In this situation, we are talking about students who attend the same schools, jobs and difficulties when attending school. Except, immigrants have to worry about their citizenship and their difficulty staying in the only place they have known and have grown up in and still manage to fulfill and surpass what is expected from them by their professors (CNN). According to the Atlantic, removing 11.2 million undocumented immigrants would cost between $400 billion and $600 billion dollars and it would take approximately 20 years for it to happen (Berman). It would be way too expensive and hurtful to the country’s economy and it would be too long before all deportations are achieved. Even then, who guarantees no one else will come into the United States? No one. The dilemma and concern for our country’s own youth is understood, but for the country’s own good and development,

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