An Invisible Thread: The Aspects Of Human Nature

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In society, every human is unique because we all come from different beginnings. However, something common we all share is that humans have to deal daily with setbacks, although some are larger than others. Throughout this year, the books we’ve read all have a common link that deal with human nature. We need each other to overcome challenging times as it is hard to face them alone. An Invisible Thread is an example that shows how people can help each other successfully face their obstacle. This story is about the unlikely meeting between two people that develops into an ineffable friendship. Maurice is a young panhandler who lives on the streets of New York because most of his family is dealing drugs or in prison, while Laura is a young successful…show more content…
This story takes place during the mid 1940s when World War II was happening and describes life on a Japanese family trapped inside an intermittent camp. Being treated as prisoners when you are really innocent can be tough, especially in the conditions they were help in. This book really emphasized how important it was to have family during tough times. In the camp, the mother had lost her appetite as she was worried about a lot of other things. The brother would daily ask for her to, “tell me what [s]he want” (94). This gesture shows how the brother was desperately trying to help his mother piece back her life together. However, you may be wondering what is wrong with the mother since she isn’t acting normal. This is because she would think “he’s never coming back” and that she’ll “never see him again” (96). This fear is a reality for the mother because of the uncertainty of the next day in the internment camps. During times like these, family is important to keep close by as you never know what will happen to them in the future. The children have no idea if they will see their father or friends. So there was a propensity to stick together and help each other at the camp survive. However once the father reunited with the family, he “never said a word about the years he 'd been away” (133). This shows how miserable it…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet are the sons and daughter respectively of the Montagues and Capulets, two families that have an antipathy feeling towards each other. However, Romeo and Juliet overlook this grudge as they believe it is just a name and cannot replace their love for each other even though it was surreptitious. These young lovers would do anything for each other which shows that during tough times humans need each other. The tough times would be the boundaries that are preventing them from living happy with one and another. Friar Lawrence was faced with a conundrum of marrying these two together and created a plan to help bring them together after Romeo’s banishment. However, Friar Lawrence has told Juliet “to be strong and prosperous” (185). This quote illustrates the support they have received from other people to help with their marriage. Romeo loves Juliet so much that he would kill himself just to be with her. For example, Romeo tells her in the tomb, “here’s to my love. Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die” (227). Since both of them have are connected to each other, they will be supporting each other until they both die. This shows how throughout tough times, when they couldn 't be with each other how people stepped in to helped them
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