An Investigation Of The Criminal Justice Field

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When we think of career opportunities in the criminal justice field, we think of becoming a police officer. The criminal justice field, is very broad and offers a lot of opportunities for an exciting and invigorating career. Most people take on a career in criminal justice to make a difference and sacrifice their own life for their community. Starting off in some positions do not require a degree, and are probably a field related position. There are some that require a bachelor 's degree in criminal justice or some relation to it. It has become more common for some jurisdictions to have all of their law enforcement come in with a bachelor 's degree or to get one if they are already employed. On television, criminology careers, are viewed as detectives and criminal investigators. Television represents a large number of detective work and law enforcement work. Detective work on television, seems to be more interesting than it would be in real life. While detective work is very time consuming, it is a position that is very popular and admirable by many with ambition to become a detective. Collecting evidence, investigating a crime scene, writing a report, testifying in court a courtroom, and preparing an arrest warrant, is only naming a few of the job duties of a police detective. They do not patrol the streets looking for ways to prevent crimes, instead they follow leads on cases and make arrest when it is needed to apprehend a suspect. Most of the time, police detectives will work Monday through Friday, but they are not subject to one particular shift, because they are always on call. Crimes happen at all times of day and night hours, so most of the time, they will spend their work hours responding to crimes. Most of the ti... ... middle of paper ... ...sian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese or a Nigerian dialect. Candidates should also have strong skills in computer science, finance, accounting, economics and engineering fields to put them ahead. After being hired, there is a 18 week course for candidates, at the training academy in Quantico, Virginia. While candidates are in training at Quantico ,Virginia they will be assigned to their first duty station and they must agree to go wherever the agency requires them to go. Having a career as a DEA agent you can expect a salary of 47,000 to 57000 depending on the location of your first duty. Also candidates that have previous experience in law enforcement, can earn a higher pay in their salary, to start them off with more. Usually at the four years with the Agency, DEA agents, will go up promotions and receive a salary that can possibly be more than $90,000 a year.
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