An Investigation Into Zem Co's Performance

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Zen Co's management team requested this report to accurately identify the cause the company's recent poor performance in the market that has resulted in a fall in productivity close to 10pc.

The author was also requested to ascertain the correct formula in which would ameliorate job satisfaction within the organisation.

The author was to establish the likely causes of Zen Co's recent poor performance relating to falling productivity figures, together with valid strategies in which would reduce staff turnover and absenteeism considerably.

In conclusion the author was to discover with the aid of ample evidence whether the role of organisational behaviour theory in the management of employee resources in a valid one.

A 3,000-word report was addressed to the general manager to advise what actions can be made to alleviate the current issue regarding Zen Co.


1 Academic Theory.

The author felt it was necessary that given the current situation at Zen Co it would be sensible to research all academic theories in an effort to identify Zen CO's predicament regarding there employee relations. The author researched the following theorists.

Fredrick Herzberg (1923-2000)

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)

Douglas McGregor (1906-1964)

3.2 Background Reading.

The author, in order to determine potential reasons for Zen Co's current predicament, studied several texts with regards to organisational behaviour. The text studied can be found in the bibliography section found at the closing part the report.


1 Academic Theories

1.1 Fredrick Herzberg.

According to Mullins (2002) in ...

... middle of paper ...

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