An Introduction To Tourism And Tourism

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This annotated bibliography will be addressing issues that relate to Globalisation and Tourism. It will not be focusing solely on one issue, but rather multiple issues regarding less developed countries, prostitution, gender, homosexuality and anthropology; and the effect that globalisation has had on these concerns through tourism. Burns, P. 1999. An Introduction to Tourism and Anthropology. London: Routledge. In this text, Burns discusses the varying connections between anthropology and tourism as an outcome of globalisation as well as differentiating tourism as a system rather than a phenomenon. The author critiques the way that tourists have been defined and discussed in the academic world and discusses the motivations causing people to become tourists. His research focuses specifically on the relevance of culture as globalisation leads to the creation of a homogenous society. This text is useful to my research topic of globalisation and tourism, as Burns presents the fact that consumerism, globalisation and tourism are all concepts that are interconnected and suggests that due to their interdependence on one another, can lead to a culture losing its meaning thereby accompanied by a loss of feelings and social solidarity. However, one limitation of the text is that it was published in 1999, which means that many of its statistics and facts may be outdated, thus being irrelevant in 2014. Nevertheless, the text forms a significant starting point for my research and will allow me to have a focal point for contrast with more modern texts for the purpose of discovering the differing views as well as the transient effect of globalisation and tourism on culture. Waitt, G and K, Markwell. 2006. Gay Tourism: Culture and Context. New ... ... middle of paper ... ... a complete perception of the theme; it would be necessary to read these other texts, which would hence aid my understanding of the topic. In my opinion, Mobilising Place: Placing Mobility, can be seen as a foundation for my research on the topic of globalisation and tourism, by focusing on place, however the reading of the rest of the series will be necessary to facilitate comprehensive knowledge. Pritchard, A. 2007. Tourism and Gender: Embodiment, Sensuality and Experience. Wallingford, Cambridge: CAB International. In this essay, Pritchard evaluates the question: “Why do issues of gender, sexuality and embodiment matter in tourism?”. In order to do this, Pritchard tells us that we have to consider the gendered world we live in as well as our own gendered collectives to fully comprehend the power dynamics and discourses which shape tourism theory and practice.

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