An Introduction To The Structural Analysis Of Narrative

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“There are countless forms of narrative in the world,” wrote Roland Barthes, a French literary theorist in his book An Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative. “Among the vehicles of narrative are articulated language,…pictures, still or moving, gestures, and an ordered mixture of all those substances; narrative is present in myth, legend, fables, tales, short stories, epics, history, tragedy,…comedy, pantomime, paintings,…stained-glass windows, movies, local news, conversation. Moreover, in this infinite variety of forms, it is present at all times, in all places, in all societies; indeed narrative starts with the very history of mankind; there is not, there has never been anywhere, any people without narrative…”
Why do we tell stories to begin with? Narrative art is art that tells a story through imagery,
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As young children we are visually literate a long time before we can read so images are the first stories we can comprehend. When we read a picture book, each turn of the page is a new change in scene, and a story is told without any words. Children’s Art makes a narrative more captivating and engaging for the audience. It delights and can inspire children, as well as educating and instructing them. It is a necessary factor in the foundation of our education and development. Throughout history, classic picture books have been passed down through generations with the narratives and visual imagery becoming a big part of our knowledge. Narrative art can provide a welcoming introduction to art and to museums for young children and in turn can create a lifelong fascination and appreciation for art. Children’s Art allows an artist to inform young minds and communicate with the youngest of viewers. Many artists throughout history to today communicate their ideas effectively in this way. One artist who is an example of this is E.H. Shepard who became known as the illustrator for A.A. Milne’s world of
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