An Internship At The Criminal Justice Field

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As part of my curriculum, I am required to take a prerequisite for Internship class to prepare me to enter the criminal justice field. In the Pre-internship class, we were introduced to potential employers and taught how to represent Virginia State University In the workplace. I learned how to represent my university and conduct myself in a professional manner. Through this class we did exercises to challenge our workplace thinking and test our reactions in various scenarios. Every week we were required to dress business casual for the employers that were invited to class. We listened to each employer express why they love what they do, and what they are looking for in interns. This process not only gave us access to the internship directors in different departments of criminal justice, but it also gave us as potential employees insight as to which jobs are out there. While interviewing for internships, I utilized the skills I acquired in pre-internship to help me secure a position. These skills include communication, organization, and interview skill. To secure an internship at the Public Defender’s office of Petersburg I contacted David Lett, the internship coordinator, through email. Along with a message of interest, I sent my resume and cover letter. Through this type of communication, I let him know I was interested in the position and available to interview. Later he contacted me through email saying I could set up an interview with his secretary. Once the interview was set up I prepared myself for the interview. I prepared by collecting my documents; including my resume, cover letter, and identification. Throughout the interview Mr. Lett asked about my family life and my interest in law. I informed him that the law has con... ... middle of paper ... ... absorb as much information as I can. Gaining knowledge is the most important part of the internship. The way you utilize the information and experiences is what helps you in your career. I will make my experience in internship the most beneficial by engaging in the surrounding careers. I will not solely focus on law but experience every position in the office. That way if I do not choose law as a profession I will have general knowledge of other professions at my disposal. Since I am in a crossroads in career paths, this internship will greatly impact my future. Living the life of a lawyer will give me the experience to judge whether I should go to law school. Law School is not a minuscule decision, there is a lot of work, studying, and money involved. I will take this internship very serious, and hopefully use my experiences to make the best decision for my future.

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