An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls

In act one of An Inspector Calls how does J.B Priestley use dramatic

devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the

audience, as well as interest and involve them in his play?

A traditional “whodunit” mystery reveals who the real criminal is.

Inspector Calls can be addressed, as one of these mysteries however

there is not a true criminal in the story, as nobody literally killed

Eva Smith but the members of the Birling family all had a part to play

in her death. One of the most important themes conveyed in An

Inspector Calls is that we all have a responsibility for each other,

and that differences in upper and lower classes should not matter.

Another central theme is looking at the treatment of women, women were

seen as the social “underdog” who just stayed at home, had children

and did the housework in the 1930’s Priestley had become very

concerned with social inequality and he wants to convey the idea to

the audience about this and show how this kind of inequality comes

about in our everyday lives. Inspector Goole wants to teach the

Birling’s some morals and the Inspector is introduced as a contrast to

Mr Birling, the Inspector can see Birling is passing his selfish

thoughts and opinions on to his children however the Inspector wants

to teach them an alternative way of thinking and behaving. Priestly

uses Birling as the typical businessman who thinks only for himself

and Eva smith a down trodden working class girl who has nothing

Priestley wants to show and prove how people who were of lower class

were mistreated by other people who thought themselves as better, the

Inspector is used as like her spokesperson he wants to argue her case

against the Birlings and to sho...

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...ld have seen this play as intriguing and

interesting as it wasn’t a common thing for families’ secrets to be

revealed everything was kept inside the family and not revealed. They

probably would have seen it as a “scandal”! In 2005 we see things like

this as normal everyday thing worse things happen e.g. September 11th

and terrorists. In today’s modern day world a lot of things are very

corrupt and including the police force!

So to conclude this play helps Priestley convey many thoughts and

messages to the audience using many different dramatic techniques, he

manages to change opinions instantly by the clever use of these

techniques. The audience is drawn in and Preistley sustains interest,

An Inspector Calls fits the criteria for a well-made play by

effectively creating mood and tension and in my opinion is an

excellent example of a very well made play!
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