An Indian's Journey, Through Reservation Life By David Truer

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Ethnic hierarchy is something that states the superiority of the white people then the other cultures, this ethnic relation is motioned in both Crash and "From Rez Life: An Indian 's Journey
Through Reservation Life," by David Truer, which represents racial discrimination of other cultures. Crash represented the relation of racial discrimination, among the African Americans and the white community. The movie crash represents different point of views on the relation between the different cultures , by indicating that how the blacks are different form the whites and also represent the different aspects of their life’s .In the Rez life by David truer , represents the relation of the native American people as part of racial discrimination among the Native
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They both

want into a gun shop to buy a rifle and they were talking in their native language in Arabic and the white man selling the guns told them that this is not your country and you cannot talk in your own language, the white man thought of himself as higher then fared and dory.
The ethnic modal that presented in the movie crash was the group separatism. Which in the movie indicted different group of cultures, living separately from the other cultures, as the
Spanish family lived in the Spanish area. The Spanish person thought that it would be safe living in a Spanish area rather than living with Arabians. Even the Arabian family in the movie lived in a small place isolated from others. In addition, they were not that much adaptive to the American culture. They did not want any other culture to tell them what should do. For example, the
Spanish guy who come to fix the lock and when it was done he told the Arabic guy that the lock is fixed but you have to replace the door and fared did not try listening to him and just told him to fix the lock. Even the African Americans lived separately and did not try to adapt the

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