An Inconvenient Truth

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Director David Guggenheim's, 'An Inconvenient Truth' is a documentary about former American politician Al Gore informing citizens on the causes and effects of Global Warming. He explains that the natural cycle of the Earths climate has been disturbed by noxious gas building up around the atmosphere and will continue to raise if we don't act soon. Gore's way of explaining Global Warming is both enlightening and surreal, as he refers to statistics, sentiment of nature, and the question of our perception and freedom to get his point across to his audience. By using such techniques to show his extensive knowledge on the subject, he can really appeal to the community. Gore states his first point by presenting visuals such as videos and graphs to show the progressive rate of temperature and Carbon Dioxide levels of the Earth's atmosphere. Based on these statistics, the 'Worlds hottest years' in our atmosphere were between years 1990-2005 (2005 being the hottest); meaning the more time has passed, the hotter the world became. To emphasize this point, he begins to compare pictures of Glacial landmarks around the world to show how they've melted over time, and as most humans are visual learners, using such strategies are very insightful. Gore then transitioned from the temperature increase to how it effects the Ocean, and argued that "when the Oceans gets warmer; that causes stronger storms". By coming to this inference, he used a graph to compare 'Predicted to Observed Ocean Temperature Patterns/Time', and in contrast, the released 'actual Ocean temperature patterns' were much closer to the temperatures observed by the 'Global Warming specialists'. Although there is no solid scientific evidence that the strength of storms are caused by ... ... middle of paper ... ...time, and a huge factor on how far people can take this technology to adapt the earth is awareness. "Do we have to choose between the economy and the environment?". Change begins by being aware of what we as a people are contributing to Global Warming, and from there we can build a better economy, because if we don't; what's at stake is, "Our ability to live on planet Earth; to have a future as a civilization". Guggenheim's documentary shows that Global Warming is a large problem, but small efforts can add up to make such a problem disappear. American history proves that when our freedom is in danger, we have the capability overcoming the toughest obsticles by working together. Til the very end, Gore had shown his determination and took the initiative to get his message to the people. We need to take the window of opportunity given to us and secure our own future.
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