An Important Role In Nursing Practice: The Future Of Nursing

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The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report point out the future of nursing. The report recommends that Nurses play an important role and responsibility in leading advance health care. Through the Transforming Practice, Transforming Education, and Transforming Leadership to meet the needs of high-quality nursing care. As a nurse should achieve advance practice through education and training, to meet the goals of the IOM report required the nursing practice as a leader in the future.
The IOM report impact nursing practice especially the nursing practice standards. Nursing practice is the establishment of guidelines for implementing high-quality nursing care and models for evaluating care. The guidelines help ensure the clients that they are acquiring
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The standards issued herein may be utilized as the indication of the standard of care, with the knowledge that the application of the rules is context dependent. The standards are determined to change with the dynamics of the nursing profession as new models of professional practice are developed and affirmed by the nursing education and the society. In addition, specific requirements and clinical circumstances may also affect the application of the criteria at a given time; e.g., during an emergency and natural disaster or in the war. The standards are directed to formal, periodic review and revision.
Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training. The IOM report transforms the health care system to achieve the goal. It will need a rethinking of the functions of the nursing
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The IOM report warned that the nursing profession must change, or it would not be able to meet the growing demands that are emerging as a result of health reform, new technologies and an aging population. (George Washington University, 2013) Nurse face with the new opportunities and challenges in reforming future health system. Nurses play an increasingly important role in leadership Nursing health care field is in the process of developing advance information and management systems for the goal of patient center care. And collaborate with all health care team That explicates that nurses will require advance information skills in order to uses this