An Eye of Evil - Original Writing

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An Eye of Evil - Original Writing I sat there engrossed in a novel, floating around in another world. I could read all day pretending I was a self-created character in the story. My imagination ran and ran, with pictures spinning round my head. I could turn words into scenes I wish I was that person in the book, imaginary. Suddenly the phone rang. I could feel all the emotions out of the silence. I jerked forwards with shock and stopped breathing for a moment. My eyes came off the book and travelled across to the phone, which I grabbed. Who will it be this time? "Hello", I whimpered in a nervous voice. No reply. I raised my voice, which did not seem like me at all. "Who is speaking? What do you want?" Still there was an endless silence, enough to hear deep heavy breathing down the other end of the line. I began to hesitate and became worried, "Leave me alone", I shouted. I slammed the phone down although I have no idea why. Slouching down on the sofa, I reflected on what had just happened. Over the last month, I had been getting endless amounts of phone-calls of these kind. At first, I thought they were hoax calls, the silly pranks kids play on you; it is their idea of fun, nevertheless it began to get worse. I would be phoned day after day, and the caller would listen to me on the other end, until I was screaming and shouting. It was rather creepy and terrifying and the silence made my heart pound. It was as if someone was stalking me. They knew what I was doing, all my moves, and every second of my life, even a blink, or a breath! They would ring at a time when I was busy doing something. This always made me scared as I became shocked and shook from terror. I would also get letters, full of bitter horrible messages, such as, 'I know your dark secret' and 'I'm going to make you pay for this'.
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