An Exploration of Conflict and Tension in act 3 scene 5 of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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An Exploration of Conflict and Tension in act 3 scene 5 of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

In the begging of Act 3 Scene 5Romeo and Juliet are feeling a lot of

tension, describing whether Romeo should leave and stay alive or stay

with Juliet and face the consequences of being executed if he is

captured. Juliet really wanted Romeo to stay with her she said that

"It is not yet day near day it was the nightingale and not the lark"

By Juliet Saying this she is trying to convince Romeo that it I the

night as Romeo cannot be found in the dark when actually it is day and

there is a great possibility of him being captured. After this

argument had accrued they convincing finally pays of. But then for

some strange reason Juliet has a change of heart, she no longer wants

Romeo to stay, but go. A quote from this scene which could be used in

an argument to fight this point could be that "It is, It is! Hie

hence, be gone away! It is the lark that sings so out of tune"

Basically she admits that it was the day and no the night so that

Romeo would go as he could be captured. Romeo then said "Come death

and welcome it" this then gave Juliet a reality check and this also

meant tat Romeo wanted to stay. During the first section of the play

from like 1 to 36 there are many points where Romeo and Juliet shift

identities they keep on swinging from practical to romantic many of

times. Such as right at the beginning of scene 3 Juliet was romantic

and love sick while Romeo was still love sick but was feeling more

practical and sensible and thought about the possibilities that he may

be captured. At this time Romeo was having his mind played with Juliet


... middle of paper ...

...s treating the nurse in a rather

terrible way after her out speak he lost his Master. Servant

relationship which Juliet has now picked up on she speaks with

official authority which the nurse is also trying to gin at the point.

To me I think that Juliet, jut like her father has now lost it a

little she is referring to suicide as her only other option, this is

kind of over the top as she has many more reasonable solutions to get

her self out of trouble which don't include self harm. There is a big

similarity at this stage between her father and herself, the language

used is nasty and very unpleasant the tone of speech is awful. Also

jut like her father she will not take any other help from no one she

believes what she is doing is right and will keep on doing this she is

very dogmatic and inflexible just like her father.
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