An Exploration of Career Options

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A career is the profession that one chooses to take up in order to make their way in society. Often times a career is a path that someone will follow for the rest of their lives and for others it will be changed numerous times. I have gone through numerous major changes as a college student and luckily at this point in my life I can afford to do so. From the time I was young I was set on becoming an architect due to its blend unique blending of mathematics and art. I have also considered the field that architecture branches from, engineering; this path intrigues me with its promise of creation and construction. Then there is psychology; psychology allows one to view the temperament of another person and see what makes up their personality. I have gone through much thought and research involving these careers and have settled upon one to be my path to follow. A career is something that must be pursued with diligence and confidence in knowing what you want to be and how you’ll go about accomplishing it.

Ever since I was a young lad I have always wanted to be an architect. This realization was brought on by my first trip to the St. Louis Arch. When I first laid eyes upon I immediately thought that I wanted to build things like this one day. From then on I had looked into Architectural design and what opportunities the field offers. Among the first things that I began to look into were the educational requirements. The educational requirements for an architect are ones that involve extensive mathematical and artistic course work. According to Dawn McKay in her overview of the architectural career she states that the first step on the path to a career in architecture is a five year Bachelor’s degree program. Seeing as the field req...

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... the monetary gains. I could not operate in a long term career if I did not enjoy what I was doing. Therefore the intangible gains from this career field are extensive and fulfilling in nature.

These career fields are all desirable to me, but there is only one that I have the aptitude and talent for. The career I speak of is, of course, psychology. I find the field extremely attractive to me and feel that I would do well in it. However, if I were given the chance to pursue a career in the field of architecture I would drop psychology, but I do not foresee that happening. However, as I begin my trek down the career path that I have chosen I will always be satisfied, for I will know that he path that I have chosen is a noble and fulfilling one. Forever, will my life be dictated by my career choice; however, I will accept that path no matter what happens along it.
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