An Experiment At The Walmart Supercenter

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I conducted my research and collected my data for this experiment at 3:30pm on Tuesday March 8th, 2016 at the Walmart Supercenter in Abilene, Texas. I walked around the toy section of the store and observed the differences between the aisles that are clearly assigned to certain genders. The store has sectioned off specific aisles for each gender and they make it very obvious which aisle is for girls and which aisle is for boys. The “girls” aisle has barbie dolls and princess dresses and the packaging on these items are bright pink. The “boys” aisle is filled with star wars action figures and toy guns all dressed in black packaging. There are obvious stereotypes and gender roles being subconsciously produced in these aisles. When at Walmart, I took notice of the specific toys that are in the gender specific aisles. In the boys aisle, there were tools, dump trucks, guns, swords and grills, cop outfits and a doctor play kit. On the girls side there were cooking supplies, cleaning supplies, princess dresses and a veterinarian pretend play kit. At first thought you might think how cool it is that they are promoting pet care, but on the “boys” side there is a doctor set. This sends a direct message that boys are to be doctors and girls are nothing more than nurses or veterinarians. Why should a boy have the option to be a doctor when the girl is only able to choose between assistant to the doctor and pet care. This is a wildly arrogant train of thought on the toy industry’s part. The impact that marketers place on children is negative, but subtle; only a trained eye would take notice of the negative implements that are being placed on children today. I believe that marketers use gender stereotypes to increase and drive their company’... ... middle of paper ... upon us by society need to be stopped and we need to learn not stereotype people because when we stereotype, it makes us look ridiculously arrogant and simple minded. If we are hoping for change in the future we need to start now. To prevent future generations from experiencing these negative feelings, we need to get the word out. People need to become educated on these impending problems. I hope that more people will notice these evil marketing strategies and become equally disgusted so that more attention will be drawn to the subject. Social media is a very important highway for information in the twenty first century so it does not take much to spread word. We just need to take action. Let children decide who they want to be; do not ever tell them what they can or can not be. Support your children and love them. That is all anyone ever expects of you as a parent

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