An Expensive College Essay

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The question asked is an expensive college worth going to or any college for that

matter? Is the burden of student loans to high for the taxpayers? The better question, is an

uneducated society going to be able to compete in today’s world?

For the average Joe it is not whether the expensive college is worth it or not it is

whether he or she is accepted or not, by a top college. The average high school scholar

has a grade point average (GPA) of 3. (Lindsay, 2015) Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

scores average at approximately 500 in all areas. (Cheng, 2014) An average Joe with an

average GPA and SAT score will not be accepted to an Ivy League school. There are

schools to fit every student’s goals and pocketbooks. The government spends
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("Cost of Attendance" n.d.) Sidelines on this

website read 90% of students receive financial aid, dedicated to affordability most

parents pay 0-10% of their income for tuition after aid, grants and scholarships. ("Cost of

Attendance" n.d.) Approximately thirty-seven thousand students apply, two thousand are

accepted and fifteen hundred matriculate. ("Admissions Statistics" n.d.) Harvard charges

a $75 application fee that is non-refundable. ("Application Requirements" n.d.) The

average student is accountable for $12,000.00 of the $64,000.00-$69,000.00 tuition bill.

Students may take loans or have private scholarships that pay for this part of the bill;

loans come in the form of federal loans, Harvard loans or personal loans. A Harvard

graduate will earn $50,000 to $160,000 per year the chart provided on PayScale’s website

breaks it down to occupations. ("Harvard University Alumni Average Salary" n.d.)

Harvard boasts an eighty-six percent graduation rate. (“Harvard University Graduation &
Retention.” n.d.) If a person is an acceptable candidate her or she should take advantage

of the opportunity to attend a prestigious institution of higher
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