An Example Of Self-Adflective Essay: Self Reflection

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Growth is always possible if we hunger to learn something new and improve. That is the theme I would like to explore when presenting this self-reflective essay. Now when we strive to improve it is impossible to see such a difference overnight, it takes hard work and time to develop improvements in one’s work. However, over the time spent in this class I believe that I can see my own self-improvement throughout the essays we have worked on. Each one of them earning a higher grade one after the other. It feels me with great pride that I was able to actually see myself progressing with each passing assignment. I have improved my writing skills in this class because of the different lessons we learned along the way. If I’m being completely honest…show more content…
Pathos is supposed to appeal to emotions and values, which is something that everyone has so I believe that is an effective and powerful tool when it comes to writing. I had always valued pathos over ethos and logos because of the sheer appeal factor that pathos has and how easily it can persuade people. I feel that if I were presented an argument the most effective from of argument that would work on me would be pathos, so if it works on me that well it must affect other people like it did to me. It’s that reason that I use it frequently in all of my writings. This excerpt from my third essay, “Eye For An Eye”, is a good example of what I try to add to all my writings, “In a sense with all the deaths of these innocent people that never got another chance to prove themselves innocent it’s as if we are the ones committing murder against these people, their own justice system betraying them because the investigator couldn’t find the whole story behind the crime.” I like to try to connect to the readers by appealing to their emotions by having them imagine being put in situations and how they would react to them if they were real, and in some cases like the example above I try to almost guilt trip them into joining my side of the argument. This doesn’t always work on readers but there are some people that are susceptible to this practice. Another one of my strengths are my idea that I come up with to make points in arguments I believe that has always been something I have excelled at when it comes to writing essays. Pointing out flaws in the opposition is very important when it comes to classical arguments, not only that but coming up with points to support your opposition is important as well. Coming up with support for the opposition is just as important as having support for your own argument because it shows that the argument itself is even and not absolutely

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