An Example Of Gender Steretyping In Today's Society

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Gender Stereotyping What was your reaction when you first heard of the first female National Football League referee? What was your first reaction when you saw a male cheerleader for the first time? In society, there are many gender stereotypes about what males and females should or shouldn’t do. These gender stereotypes result in men and women being treated unequally. Children can also be affected by these gender stereotypes. Even though there are gender stereotypes everyone should choose to be and do as they desire. In today’s society and even in the past, gender has played a role in how humans act. In the past, women were portrayed to be a stay at home mom and take care of the family and house. The women stayed home to care for the children because of their nurturing capabilities. Men were expected to be involved in the community, to grow food or to go work long and hard hours for most of the day to make the money for the household. These natural-seeming roles were passed on for through generations. Today, the roles have become blurred. Both genders typically contribute to child care and working to provide the income. Personality traits are a form of gender stereotype. Women…show more content…
So many little girls dream of being a princess when they grow up, but not a superhero. Boys dream of being a hero, not a prince. This is because many of the movies and television shows usually have a tendency to target one specific gender audience. Videogames are another specific example of gender stereotyping. Many of the videogames are targeted to boys. These videogames feature violence, crime, and car chases. Advertisements play a big role is stereotyping as well. It is uncommon to see girls playing with toy cars in an advertisement. Usually, girls featured in advertisements are promoting dolls, makeup, or kitchen sets. These forms of stereotyping can affect children in a variety of

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