An Example Of Eating Problems

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It all ends up in the same place, and what's your point. I don't like it when my food touches it doesn't matter that it all ends up in the same place my food isn't going to touch until it gets there.The first question i'm asked every time I say “I don't like my food touching” is “do you like salad,you eat salad right?.” Yes I eat salad, salad is supposed to touch but if one day I decided that I didn't want the lettuce to touch the other vegetables then I wouldn't eat my lettuce with the other vegetables. I won't mix my mashed potatoes with my vegetables if they're on the same plate, but if I'm given shepherds pie i'll eat it. This is the problem I say the phrase “ I don't like my food touching” and then look like a complete douchebag. I…show more content…
I have a food problem. Not an eating disorder really but a problem with food. According to Mind.Org an eating problem is any relationship with food you find difficult. Eating problems can come at any age affects people differently. The most basic examples of having a food problem are that people restrict the amount of food they eat, eat more than you need. People tend to lose control. People will eat a lot in secret or feel anxious about eating or digesting food. People will eat food in a response to emotions. I have done that many times in the past. Food became comforting to me. Some people only eat certain foods and stay on a stick regimine and get anxious if they break it. People will purge to get rid of food. People also stick to rigid rules about what they can and can't eat and also what there food should look like. I do the same thing. My food needs to be eaten a certain way. People can be scared of certain types of food or eating in public. People who think about food and eating a lot can have an eating problem.People who compare your body to other people's and think about their shape or size a lot check, test and weigh your body a lot and base your self-worth on how much you weigh or whether you pass your checks and tests is also a sign of having an eating problem. As you can see I deal with a few of those. The food problems don't outright affect my life. Mentally I dont have the greatest self esteem but the food problems don't inhibit me from functioning like a regular person. Yes I get stared at and yes I get made fun of but its not killing me. Mentally it kind of sucks but it also tags onto many other things I have going on
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