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As the scenario unfolded, I noticed that Brandon was easy to work with, cooperative, and provided my partner and I with supportive feedback throughout the caring process including information as to how to position a patient’s leg to increase stability while they are side lying. Additionally, one physical aspect I noticed about Brandon was that he could not move his legs as a result of a spinal cord injury. Brandon’s injury prevented him from completing tasks independently, such as bathing much of his body. Therefore, my partner and I took the task of providing a proper and effective cleaning. The day before this scenario, I was able to practice bed baths on my classmates and learn the important do’s and do not’s regarding bathing. I believe these acquired characteristics increased my personal feelings of confidence and pride in my nursing skills. It also allowed for me to incorporate ideas such as maintaining patient safety, encouraging independence, and assuring comfort throughout the entire process. Interpreting The interpreting stage of Tanner’s Clinical Judgment helps nurses give meaning to a specific patient’s situation (Jambunathan, J., Lancaster, R. J. & Westphal, J., 2015). This scenario allowed me to interpret the everyday struggles that may be faced by those who are paralyzed and how these people must thereby adapt their lifestyle as a result. In Brandon’s case, I tried to interpret what it would be like if I was not able to use my legs and what safe measures would need to be used while providing care. I came to the understanding that I would have to increasingly rely on my family for help with aspects such as getting around my home and I would not be able to participate in many of my favorite past times. Many aspects ... ... middle of paper ... ...ectual and physical when completing my objective assessments. Furthermore, I will remind myself that nothing will go exactly according to my plan and not to be embarrassed if I make any mistakes, as these scenarios are a learning experience. Conclusion Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model is an effective source of self-teaching for nurses everywhere. For me personally, it has allowed for the dissection of this caring process and highlighted favourable aspects including preforming an effective bed bath and being able to develop, alter, and utilize various skills in caring. It also let me witness aspects needing improvement such as my head-to-toe assessment skills and therefore develop ways for improvement. Without a doubt, I believe the use of Tanner’s aided not only in my personal gain, but also in the improvement of current and future client health, care, and outcomes.
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