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Welding Essay Welding is a very important tool used in our daily lives. Welding is the process of joining two metal pieces together by applying heat. A filler helps to make the joint. Everything we use from trucks to houses have some type of welding in them. There are many types of welding careers to choose from. There is a great demand for welders today. My project was to build a table and candelabra out of metal. Most of the metal I gathered came from junk yards and had to be cleaned of rust. My mentor name was David Joe Ursy. He works for Joe McGee Construction. He works for Joe McGee on the farm portion of his business. He works on tractors, combines, welding, and farming crops. He has been working for Joe McGee for 20-30 years. To me it's fun and interesting. I like to do it some people don’t like it. When we started working on my project, I cleaned all the metal with a wire brush. Once I got it all the metal cleaned of rust, I started making the top after I got the top like I wanted it, I welded it and put all the nuts and bolts inside the table. I checked to see how it looked and took them out. I cleaned the camshaft and welded it to the flexplate. Welding is very dangerous. If you do not wear a face mask and work in a properly ventilated area, you can breathe in too many bad fumes. I got very sick at school and went to the hospital on Thursday and got out Friday morning. I was in the hospital for a rust- paint poisoning. They said it could happen again if I am not careful. I'm not completely well but I'm getting better. I can’t wait until I am fully well. There are many harmful fumes in welding. Welders need to take extra precautions due to the risks of various fumes. There is also a constant lou... ... middle of paper ... ...ous jobs. An underwater welder works on ships or under water pipelines. Welding is in ways more an art form as well as a craft. You can create many beautiful pieces of artwork as well as repairing pieces as well. Welders continue to learn throughout the career. To be successful, you must be willing to always learn new techniques and acquire new abilities. Welding can be a pleasure if it is something you enjoy doing. Welders can work in a variety of settings and can even open their own business one day. My dream would be to have my own business one day. Many experienced or retired welders do start their own welding company. To open a welding shop, you need a lot of money. All of the equipment needed is very expensivc. Much work is involved as well. A welding company can be hired to do many different jobs. Being a welder is a great career choice for me.

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