An Essay On The Human Body

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The human body is amazing and none of the incredible things it can do will be possible if it isn’t for the bones and skeletal muscles. Unless you are suspended in water you need some sort of support and framework to move. The human body consists of a skeleton inside of our bodies which provides protection to our vital organs. There are three types of muscles; skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, and smooth muscle. Skeletal muscles are striated muscles that are attached to bones which assist in movement, it also protects and maintains our bodies such as; regulating heat, creating blood cells in the bone marrow and more. They generally contract voluntarily by nerve stimulation, and can contract involuntarily. The cardiac muscle, is what makes up the heart are striated, like the skeletal muscle except that in cardiac muscles, the fibers are interconnected it is under involuntary control. The (visceral) smooth muscles have no striations or sarcomeres but they have bundles of thin and thick filaments that correspond to myofibrils. They are involuntary, just like the cardiac muscle, y...

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