An Essay On The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

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11. Pearl Harbor The bombing of Pearl Harbor took place on December 7, 1941. The Japanese attacked the Americans on an early morning with explosives. The United States was aware that an attack was coming because they had decoded a Japanese message, but the United States did not know when. In 2 hours, the Japanese had sunk/damaged 19 ships, more than 2, 300 Americans were killed, and 1,100 wounded in the process. This action of the Japanese was surprising and unexpected because of the racism during the time and believing that Asians were not capable of these types of actions. As a result of the bombing, President Roosevelt believed that December 7, 1941 was “a date which will live in infamy”. The United States had declared war on Japan and the allies of Japan. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor was due to the United States cutting off oil to the Japanese. 12. Battle of Midway The next target for the Japanese was the Midway Island that was located west of Hawaii and American airfield. Luckily, there were Allied code decoders that helped Admiral Chester Nimitz to have knowledge about the Japanese heading to Midway. The battle took place on June 4th. American soldiers hid beyond the horizon and allowed the Japanese to attack on the island. The Americans attacked the Japanese’s fleet with many Japanese planes that were presently on deck after allowing one of the Japanese planes to the air. As a result, Americans successfully destroyed approximately 322 Japanese planes and Yamamoto commanded the fleets to go back home. On June 7, 1942, the Battle of Midway came to an end and had turned the tide of the war. 13. Battle of Coral Sea The Allies started to turn the tide of the war because in May 1942, with the Australian support, an Am... ... middle of paper ... ...turning points in the war in the Pacific? How did they help turn the tide so the Allied forces were winning? The major turning point in the war in the Pacific was the Battle of Coral Sea. This helped turned the tide of the war so that the Allied forces were winning because the United States had stopped the Japanese from advancing southward and that was the farthest the Japanese had ever reached. Also, the United States had stopped the invasion of New Guinea. In addition, the Battle of Midway was also a turning point in the Pacific. This turned the tide so that the Allied forces were winning because the United States had cracked one of the Japanese’s secret code therefore they knew the plan of the Japanese and how they were going to attack. Thus, in the end, the United States was able to destroy many of the fleets of the Japanese, making them fight defensively.

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