An Essay On Kurt Cobain

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For this project of mine, my person of history is Kurt Cobain. Kurt is an important person because he created a new independent genre of music, it was called “grunge”. He was the lead vocals and guitar in the three man band “Nirvana”.
Kurt was born and raised most of his life in Aberdeen, Washington. Kurt was diagnosed with ADHD when he was a child and had to take medication for this symptom. Kurt’s family life wasn’t very happy. Kurt loved his mother more than anything in the world, his father he was not so fond of. Kurt wasn’t entertained by sports; his father always wanted him to be interested in sports, but Kurt never approved. He had a hard life in is “father-son relationship”, in his documentary “About A Son”, Kurt talks about his father never approving of what he did, never proud. He says his father would be embarrassed whenever Kurt had any accidents in public, whenever Kurt would spill a drink at a restaurant, his father would punish him for it. He said it was like he was being raised to not have accidents like you’re not meant to have them. His mother never really approved, but she never spoke out. Kurt had a challenging childhood overall. He does remember always playing and having fun when he was younger, but eventually the fun died down.
Kurt went to school at J. M. Weatherwax High School in Aberdeen, it teaches 9-12 grades. Kurt whenever he switched schools didn’t have a lot of friends. He was picked on and he said he got beat up a lot. Kurt said in school he pretended to be gay for a couple of years, not for attention, but because he enjoyed the conflict that was involved in it. Then after a couple years he started to stop. This was because he would change schools every now and again due to his father’s working con...

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...He lets you have the truth instead of covering it all up with happy faces. He changed the atmosphere of many places with the song “Rape Me”, people weren’t expecting these tough love lyrics. Kurt says the moral of the band is to teach men not to rape and for people to live in peace with no violence. After Nirvana was out there, many other bands took after them. They changed the way of playing punk rock. Especially when Kurt, Krist, and Dave start wrecking and destroying the stage and instruments. (Dave Grohl was the most recent drummer in the band.) Another little but major thing Kurt did was he started the ripped jeans look. It was a perfect look for this new genre.
So, out of all of this, Kurt was a great musician who changed the way people look at different types of music. People still remember this saint, although he killed himself, He didn’t kill his music.