An Essay On Interpersonal Communication

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Communicating interpersonally is a ‘way of life’ in any organisation or business. Not only is interpersonal communication inescapable, but also your abilities in this area are of paramount importance. Interpersonal competence in recent years have been consistently ranked high as an important requirement for successful job application and university graduation. Companies and Business graduates have intakes that put a high premium on interpersonal communication as it is vital to successfully demonstrate interpersonal elements. Elements like emotional intelligence, listening and feedback are paramount in business study success at a university level.

Interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence are critical roles in business degrees in Queensland. Emotional intelligence is not purely oral. However, it is about dealing with people through negotiation and persuasion, manipulation and certain forms of written communication. Emotional intelligence is an array of abilities, competencies and skills that influence one’s ability to succeed with environmental demand and pressure. This form of communication in a business degree is essential in skill development and is the only communication that portrays an intended message that has the potential to be distorted. It is crucial for university students to understand the skills in emotional intelligence and how this form of communication is critical in discipline development for business degrees. As Professor D. Brandin states “No matter what we do, each instant contains infinite choices. What we choose to think and we choose to feel.” To fully understand emotional intelligence we need to look deeper into the facts that emotional intelligence plays a major part in business degree succ...

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...d listening. Clearly, feedback is one of the main interpersonal communication skills that help assist in providing negative and positive comments to achieve an anticipated result. Businesses make this communication vital in any department of their business for it to assist in recognising faults the company may have. It also assists and provides effective feedback on parts of the business that are performing above standard. Consequently it is clear the tool of feedback is a crucial skill in developing university student’s knowledge and understanding within a business.

Therefore, university students can use all aspects of interpersonal communication in any business degree, it demonstrates critical thought and understanding of emotional intelligence, listening and feedback. These are vital communication skills to successful complete a business degree at university.
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