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Have you ever wanted to leave Missouri? If so, you should visit Idaho. You should visit Idaho because of all the history about Lewis and Clark.

Here are some facts about Idaho’s geography. Idaho is sparsely settled. Most people live in farmlands by the Snake River. Idaho lies in the Pacific Northwest. Plains and desert regions cover most of Idaho. Average temperature in January is 30⁰F and in July 75⁰F. Idaho was originally part of the Oregon country. Idaho Falls serves as a tourist access point for traffic to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. The Rocky Mountains cover most of Idaho. They stretch from northern Idaho’s panhandle to southeastern Idaho. There are more than 20 Rocky Mountain ranges in Idaho. Idaho is 82,747 square miles. Idaho’s capital is Boise. Idaho’s largest cities are Boise, Nampa, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Meridian, Coeur D'Alene, Twin Falls, Lewiston,Caldwell, Moscow. Idaho’s wildlife is abundant. Large animals in Idaho are elk, deer, moose,bears,coyotes, antelope, mountain sheep, and goats. Industries and produce are closely related to its natural resources. Idaho is in the Pacific Northwest. Idaho is an odd shape like a chair. Snake River is the most important river. Idaho has jagged mountains, vast forests, broad plains, crystal blue lakes,and swift rivers make up its wild and enchanting landscape.

Here are some facts about Idaho’s economy. Most Idahoans work in schools or national parks and forests. Each year, tourists spend more than $1 billion in Idaho. They spend most of their money on hotels and ski resorts. About 57% of Idahoans live in or near cities. 43% of Idahoans live on farms or in small towns. Idaho’s farmers grow 13.8 billi...

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...ernment creates a reservation Idaho for the Nez Perce. 1860 Mormons establish the first permanent settlement in what is now Idaho. Miners discovered gold at Orofino Creek. 1863 congress creates the Idaho territory. 1874 workers build the Idaho Territory’s first railroad.

The point of this research paper was to learn about Idaho. Information was found on geography, history, and economy of Idaho. I hope this helps you learn about Idaho.

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