An Essay On Homeschooling

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A Proper Education
Many parents worry about sending their child off to school for the first time. Rather than looking into all of the different types of schooling, parents often assume public school is the only option because it is the biggest branch of childhood education. Society has people convinced that the school house is the only proper place to learn, but this idea is not actually true because children vary in so many ways. Their bodies, minds, emotions and spirits combine to make unique individuals, and this mix affects the kind of environment in which each child learns best. Assuming a family can afford to have a choice of homeschool, private school, or public school, parents have to ask themselves which of these paths will positively
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Homeschooling parents can use a variety of methods to teach their kids and focus on areas that their kids find interesting and excel in the most. Parents can shape their lessons to fit their child’s abilities, maturity and interest. Among other benefits, it ensures that genuine learning is taking place. Rather than being given terms to memorize, pages to read, or worksheets to complete and then moving on to the next lesson, homeschooling gives the students the time and opportunity to connect their recently attained knowledge to real world experiences. Parents can advance their children at their own pace rather than being rushed to meet deadlines, and parents can set expectations as high as they need to for each individual child. Because homeschooled students are, the majority of the time, taught by their own parents, homeschooling is, in effect, one-to-one ratio of teaching. Studies done by The Center for Public Education show that the smaller class size, or smaller student to teacher ratio have a positive impact on the student 's education. People tend to be concerned about the social development of homeschooled children since they do not has the daily interactions with classmates and teachers, but many homeschooled children actually have large social networks and…show more content…
Making the decision between public school, private school, or homeschooling can be a long and overwhelming process, but to a parent finding a perfect school for their child it is worth all of the stress that comes along with the decision. No matter what a parent decides in the end, their child will be educated. A child that went to public school could end up with similar knowledge to the child down the road who was homeschooled, but what truly matters is what environment the child will be most comfortable in to develop socially and
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