An Essay On Ellis Island

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Ellis Island
Do you have a grandparent or great grandparent from another country? If you do, they might have come into the United States through Ellis Island. Ellis Island used to be a place where many people entered into the United States so they could establish themselves and their families here. Today, you can visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum to see the path that those people (and possibly your ancestors) took to become american citizens. Ellis Island was an immigration station for millions of Americans who now have many ancestors here in America.
Ellis Island was a very important tool for the growth and development of the United States and the culture of the people who live here. Ellis Island used to be a an immigration station for millions of people from countries such as Italy, Germany, Ireland, and many others. Today, it does not accept immigrants from around the world as it used to. However, you can visit the immigration museum on Ellis Island and see the same places those people entered to become citizens of the United States ("Ellis Island").
On January 1, 1892, the Ellis Island Immigration Station opened for the first time to process newcomers into America. Many people entered Ellis Island at this time. However, this rush of people did not last very long. The amount of people entering Ellis Island drastically dropped from around 1911-1919 as World War I was about to be fought and eventually was fought. After World War I, the flow of people steadied, but once again, it did not last long. In 1932, the Great Depression started and more people left the country than entered it. At this time, the buildings on Ellis Island were dilapidated and abandoned. Finally, in 1954, the buildings were closed due to lack o...

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...h it and into America ("Ellis Island"). You can currently visit the immigration museum located there to view artifacts, photos, and many other items left behind by the immigrants ("Ellis Island Immigration"). Also, in the near future, there are plans to add on another branch to the museum that will include more information about immigration today ("Ellis Island").

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