An Essay On Dress Code

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11/30 Ms Purcell Periods 5/7 School Dress Code We’ve all seen it, don’t lie. Boys and girls alike, making sexist jokes in the hallway and laughing like it’s funny. See boys objectifying girls, and vice versa, as if it isn’t an action that is humiliating and ridiculous. Young and impressionable, we have been taught from a young age to fight each other and bully each other with a simple saying: “Girls rule, boys drool! Boys rule, girls drool!” Regrettably, the idea is displayed on T-shirts at Target and Justice, and it’s tearing schools apart. This mindset of the superior sex is a horrible misconception of the world implanted by ignorant adults to make ignorant children. And the most prominent ignorant thing in schools yet: dress code. Innocently, people believe it’s an unimpeachable commodity. You’re in the green light if one covers their body up. In a nutshell, school dress code would rather have girls sent home and miss their education rather than boys ogle at girls and miss their education. Despite some people thinking that the dress code should still exist on as upheld, the dress code should be rid of because it is sexist, objectifying, and unfair. To start, sexism is the main factor. Many people have seen boys walk into school with shirts so baggy they could see their entire chests, but if a girl were to do that while wearing a bra, she would get sent home. So what’s up with that? Sexism: the favoring of boys over girls. School administration would rather send a girl home for showing her collarbone so she didn’t distract the boys than tell boys not to stare. On the other hand, people believe that the school dress code is something that stops a school from looking like a total dump, and creates an image of the place. However, ... ... middle of paper ... ... get ready.” Though this is completely true, a larger idea of a uniform is to make sure student are properly covered. Uniforms are way of objectifying girls and boys, so there is at least no unfairness in that. Still, there is no reason why anyone should have to cover up because it makes adults feel uncomfortable. Teaching children to respect people of all ages is extremely important. Treat others how they should be treated: appropriately. From a first-hand account, Lindsay Merbaum, a teacher, “Male colleagues would sometimes approach me and point out the offending ensembles, as they felt uncomfortable addressing female students about their attire. I didn’t blame them — there’s something unseemly about telling a teenaged girl that what she is wearing is wrong. It reveals that you’re looking at her closely, that you’re looking at her body, that her body is offensive.”

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