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Dentistry is a career that is a largely growing field in America. Between the years of 2012-2022, dentistry is expected to grow at a rate of sixteen percent, which is higher than the national average for all jobs (Occupational Outlook Handbook: Dentists). Dentists are responsible for diagnosing and treating oral problems. Oral problems can consist of any problems in the teeth, gums, lips, or other parts of the mouth (Occupational Outlook Handbook: Dentists). Some of the most common problems that patients see the dentist about are sores in the mouth, such as canker sores, the appearance of their teeth, including whitening and braces, and oral pains that can come from cavities or things of that nature (Oral Health Center). Dentists also…show more content…
For the next hundreds of years there are many people that are known for being dentists for their communities, including Hesy-Re, who is thought to be the first Egyptian dentist. Many philosophers also began to write about teeth. These philosophers, which include Aristotle and Hippocrates, began to write about the many diseases that one can have and about the importance of taking care of and having one’s teeth examined on a regular basis (History of Dentistry Timeline). Throughout the middle ages many people began to perform dental surgeries and invent many ways to ease oral pains. In 1530, the first book completely focusing on dentistry was published and it provided many practices that dentists should use for their patients (History of Dentistry…show more content…
Years later in 1760, John Baker moved to America from Britain and was the first dentist to move to America. All throughout the late eighteenth century dentists began to start practicing more and more in the new country. Some of the famous dentists from that time include Paul Revere, Isaac Greenwood, and Josiah Flag. Also during this time many common dental items including the dental chair that many dentists still use today (History of Dentistry Timeline). Many advances in dentistry took place during the nineteenth century. In 1801 the first dentistry book was published in America and as early as 1825 porcelain teeth were manufactured and became widely popular in the United States. Many advances in filling and crows were developed in the middle nineteenth century. In 1839, The American Journal of Dental Science was first published and was the first dental journal in the world (History of Dentistry Timeline). In 1840, the first dental school was established in the United States and in 1841 the first dental act was enacted the regulated dentistry in the United States. Then in 1846, anesthesia was used for the first time in oral surgeries (History of Dentistry

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