An Essay On Confucianism

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Emily Lane REL 231 Essay; Confucianism 5/4/14 Confucianism What is religion? To answer that simply, it would suffice to say that per societal standards, it is having faith in something greater and working in a good manner towards reaching some otherworldly reward. To break that down even more, one could say that religion is what you dedicate your life too. For example, say you are a workaholic and you barely have time to even think, that’s your religion. You can say you are a Christian, or whatever religion you are, but what you dedicate your life to, that where your inner heart lies. Confucianism is mainly based in China, with a few hundred thousand in the United States. Confucianism was founded by Kong Qui and he lived in China between 551 and 479 BCE. Confucius was a famous philosopher whose ideas greatly influenced Eastern Asia for centuries. Confucianism was founded during the fall of the Zhou dynasty and through this new religion, most Chinese found unity and peace amidst the chaos. Confucius grew up without the guidance of a father and he had to learn to support his fami...

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