An Essay About The Samoan Island

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The Samoan Islands, located in the South Pacific Ocean is a paradise with Great people and a serenity of breath taking views. Located southwest of Hawaii and northeast of New Zealand, it forms a relaxing stopping point for ships and aircraft. It is believed that there was 800 years of history before the Samoan islands were discovered by Dutch Explorers. My family and I have visited many places in the United States and made friends along the way. One friend that comes to mind is a friend that I met while stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky named Sonny. He is the first Samoan that my family and I have ever met. The Islands would be a place that my wife and I want to vacation to after talking with Sonny and his smiling invite to his homeland. Samoan culture has a way of welcoming visitors; however it is important that visitors respect the islands rules and elders. A few things visitor need to remember when entering small villages of the native homes. While many visitor on Sunday want to shop, you are expected to behave quietly and to travel slowly avoid walking through villages during the evening prayer curfew between the hours of 6pm and 7pm. This will lasts aproximately10 to 20 minutes and is often marked at the beginning and end by a bell or the blowing of a conch shell. Visitors are constantly reminded the skimpy clothing is not recommended in villages, and will cause offence. Women are recommended to wear a lava-lava (sarong) rather than shorts or pants, especially if they attend church. The islands are considered part of a larger land mass that occupies nearly 76 square miles of land. Samoa is a small scattered group of islands within the same body of water. Five of the main islands are volcanic, with rugged peaks, na... ... middle of paper ... ...The Executive branch chief of state and head of government consists of 12 members appointed by the chief of state on the prime ministers advice. Chief of state will then be elected by the Legislative Assembly to serve a five-year term (no term limits). Once the Legislative elections are complete, the leader of the majority party is usually appointed prime minister by the chief of state with the approval of the Legislative Assembly. And the Judicial Branch is still made up by Court of Appeals; Supreme Court; District Court; Land and Titles Court. The Samoan people are the best representatives of the remarkable and interesting Polynesian race, and their traditions hold true to these islands. With the Support of the People, the Government holds true to keeping the Samoan way of life as a foundation for the everyday operations in every level of government. be .

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