An Essay About Stress

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People are always at risk when it comes to stress because it is something they deal with on daily basis. Stress can be defined as a psychological or a physiological reaction that happens when an individual comes in contact with a stressful event. When people think of stress they tend to think that stress is only bad meanwhile there can be a good reactions when it comes to stress. People need a certain amount of stress to work well and have the energy and willpower to achieve goals that they have set up for themselves. If life was not stressful we would all be bored and we would not give our 100 percent when we worked. Bad stress can lead to complete shot down. Someone being exposed to stressful events on a regular basis can result to having mental health problems. There are many different ways to deal with stress such as hobbies and exercise. Some people are not well educated when it comes to stress disorders. This subject should be more elaborated because if untreated stress can lead into bigger or worst mental health problems. Having poor education on the subject can interfere with getting the proper kind of help someone would need. This research essay will be talking about all the different kind of bad stress that can be harmful to a person. This research essay will also talk about all the information a person would need in order to be educated on the subject. (Allard)

Over all there are three major types of stress disorder, acute/critical incident stress cumulative stress and post-traumatic stress. Acute stress disorder is defined as a psychological reaction that someone can experience when exposed to a traumatic event. Acute stress can be caused by experiencing or seeing with your eyes a traumatic event. Some examples of tr...

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...ty in life. I feel that educating myself on CIS/PTSD can create methods for me to increase the awareness on the subject. Telling my friends and family about what I learn in class can show them that CIS/PTSD is serious and that there is help out there for them. Donating and being a member of an organization can help that organization grow. The bigger the organization is the more success it will have in helping people.

Overall this essay has a lot of information and has helped me understand the subject better. This essay talks about all kinds of different stressor, its history, the kind of help there is out there. This essay also explains the controversy of this subject but also describes some organization there is out there to help people. All that needs to be done is educate more and more people every day. That way people will understand stress in today’s world.
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